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Welcome to La Scenic Chevre

Hi, I am Patty.  Thanks for coming to my website about my hobby farm La Scenic Chevre. My little farm got started in 2014 when my family and I moved to a few acres of property in Fort Collins in an attempt to start eating healthy, more locally sourced real food. It is here that I started to create my farm with a variety of animals. 

I raise Purebred ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats from Fair-winning heritage.  My goal is not to show goats (most of my children are beyond 4-H age) but to breed easy milking goats that will produce an abundance of delicious milk for drinking, cheese and soap.  Not to mention, goats add a bit of joy to my pasture.  The herd grazes on pesticide free, irrigated pasture year round supplemented by grass hay in the cold months.  All of my goats have been hand bottle fed, so they love to visit and play with people (even the vet).  The herd is CAE free and all the goats are current on their vaccinations.

In addition to the goats, I also raise a yard of "barnyard special" chickens for eggs and roasting chickens in the late summer.

Thanks for stopping by.  Visitors are always welcome.


Heritage breed turkey colorado
Chicken Colorado
Heritage breed turkey colorado
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