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Kids coming Valentine's Day, 2021!!

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Kip was born to La Scenic Chevre Belle and Doe-Z-Goats Gyarados in the spring of 2019. She is a very sweet and kind goat. Kip loves to love both her herd and people. She is light brown with some white accents on the sides of her body and the top of her head.   



La Scenic Chevre



La Scenic Chevre Rocket has proven to be a great buck in his first year.  We've used him so it is time for him to move on to a new set of ladies. - $250

La Scenic Chevre Rocket

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our free range organic hens are producing like crazy.  There is nothing like the flavor and color of eggs from healthy hens eating what God intended.  Text for pickup (970) 690-5417.

$5 a dozen.  Delivery available in Fort Collins


Goat Milk Cheese


Oaxaca Cheese pictured.


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Call or text (970) 690-5417 or email pwiens0927@gmail.com


Heritage Breed Royal Palm and Standard Bronze turkey Poults hatched locally.

$12 each